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Get the job done!

Based on the architectural drawing provided, QRS will perform the required construction work to take the property from its existing condition to the finished product.

QRS provides an unprecedented 3-year workmanship warranty on work performed.

Contract Options:

Option A - Hybrid Process - To accelerate the process, QRS can operate on a strictly cost-plus basis.  This substantially streamlines construction and allows us to begin the job immediately.  Customers usually prefer this method, as completion time is faster than Option A.  

  • Budget is established at the beginning of the project, based on know factors and review by trades.  Contracts are signed at the very beginning of the process, unlike Option A.

  • We focus is on avoiding time delays by using vetted vendors, with known track history for pricing and quality of work.

  • Our ethics and morals drives us to seek the best value and price to the client, regardless of the compensation QRS receives.

  • Everything is completely transparent and open to review at any point in the process.

  • Specific cost-plus percentages (range is from 15-30%) will be determined based on the complexity of project, and determined before QRS contracts are presented for signature.



Option B - Traditional Bid Process - QRS will submit a bid on the reconstruction, and base our pricing on a what is known at the time of submission. 

  • We include subcontractor pricing and standardized estimating to determine our final bid. 

  • Unforeseen costs will not be included in the bid and handled on a change order basis.

  • Construction does not begin until bid is reviewed, accepted and contracts are signed.  Note that contracts are usually not signed till weeks in to the process.

  • This typically is a longer time cycle to completion of construction.

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