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Know before you buy or lease

When you are creating a space for your business, it's hard to know what the quality of construction is and hidden issues that may exist.  We help you tackle these challenges before you lease or commit to purchasing a property.


QRS will act in the best interests of the client in reviewing a property, with the goal of identifying major costs or obstacles involved. 

  • Every project can have it's costly "surprises". We can identify many potential issues and give an approximate cost before the project begins.

  • We strive to visually identify issues with out physical work or destructive methods. 

  • Project costs will be approximate, and remaining items will be identified and calculated as best as possible.

  • Included in our service, tradespeople will be utilized as needed to assist in the evaluation.

  • QRS service billing will vary based on the estimated length of time required and square footage involved.

  • Approximate costs will range from $1,500 - $3,000 for the average 1,000 - 5,000 square foot property. Larger properties will be priced after the initial site review.

  • Architect and Engineer site review of the property, if needed, are not included and may warrant additional expense. 


  • As an additional service, we can also help you with the architect, design and layout, and/or oversight of the General Contractor and project.

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